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Vending - Express COLD

Customize Your Shelving NeedsCustomize Your Shelving Needs
The Express provides 4 – 52 inch wide bays that can be configured to hold drinks on the bottom and snack boxes or totes on the top. An additional bay is added in the rear for totes, coffee/tea delivery, or snack boxes.
Flow-Thru CoolerFlow-Thru Cooler
Flow-thru cooler can be accessed from both driver and passenger side. Various trays are available to organize your products.
Freezer CompartmentFreezer Compartment
A freezer compartment can be added in the curbside position to provide a cooler/freezer combo. Cold plates line the freezer compartment to allow safe transportation of frozen foods such as ice cream.
Lock in the Cold Lock in the Cold

Hackney doors are durable and seal in the cold in both cooler and freezer compartments. The handles include locks to prevent theft.

Rear Bay CapacityRear Bay Capacity

An additional 32" wide rear bay is added for increased storage. Perfect for routes combining coffee/tea services or adjust the shelves for additional tote, snack box, or drink capacity. Options such as safes can also be added to this location.

Low Load and Retrieval HeightLow Load and Retrieval Height
Drop step ergonomic design allows for lower load and retrieval heights.
Drop Skirt DesignDrop Skirt Design
Hackney's drop skirt design not only gives a streamline appearance, but provides a slip-resistant, built-in step rail to safely reach those higher shelves.
Aluminum Body ConstructionAluminum Body Construction
Aluminum body construction is rust resistant and results in lower overall weight providing greater payload and improved fuel economy.
Rear Mounted Delivery CartsRear Mounted Delivery Carts

Convenient access to delivery cart further reduces routes times.