Lightspeed Automation

Lightspeed Ready


  • SmartPak
  • SmartPak
    Rear & Side Access
  • Available in traditional and pre-kit configurations.
  • Express
  • Express
    Side Access
  • Perfect solution for micro-market and pre-kit vending applications. Lightspeed ready.




Since 1946, Hackney has a been a proud supplier to great companies involved in beverage, food and vending distribution. Hackney vending bodies are designed in the field, where the action is, in conjunction with route representatives who rely on a safe and efficient vehicle to maximize their potential.

Hackney does not compromise on the integrity of our products, engineering each body to stand the test of time. Hackney vending bodies have a history for lasting decades and often will be re-mounted after the chassis has seen its last day. This provides a hidden benefit to our customers in saving them additional long term costs compared to replacing worn out, low quality FRP bodies.