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Nursery Plants Delivery

Rolling carts in a dry freight box body with a lift gate is the conventional wisdom here, but inherent drawbacks in this method of delivery can crimp your plans to handle a perishable product with safety and speed. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Purchasing enough carts to handle the volume of deliveries. Carts become a capital expenditure that ultimately drives up the cost of delivery vehicles.
  • Loading carts in the body in such a way as to avoid shuffling around at the customer’s location, especially if the route drop sequence changes unexpectedly.
  • Storing empty carts on the truck out of the way for future stops.
  • Lift gate reliability - what happens if it doesn’t work?
  • Off-loading carts to customer’s display cart or table requires double handling and expense. Leaving carts with customer requires double capital investment plus added expense of replacements due to damage and theft.


There is an alternative – the Hackney side loader! Divided into bays with roll-up side doors and central locking system, the Hackney body or trailer features direct access to flats and pots from the ground on easy to reach adjustable shelves. Go straight to a hand truck or the customer’s display with no need for carts, docks, or lift gates. Unload in any sequence, add to a customer’s order, skip a stop, and have no return carts to worry with.

Save resources and be more productive – let Hackney build a side loader body or trailer to fit the requirements of your operation.