Hackney Body Shelving

In addition to complete bodies, Hackney builds state-of-the-art shelf kits for new or existing box vans and cargo vans. These kits mirror the shelving layouts in our Supertruck bodies and are pre-engineered for plumbing, HVAC, drain cleaning, and electrical applications. Custom layouts are also available to meet specific customer requirements.


Hackney’s shelving and inventory kits are unique in important ways:

  • Assembled with Hackney all aluminum shelves, mounted on vertical tracks making them infinitely adjustable.
  • Full-length top shelves for ladders and pipe.   
  • Designed with modular sections making it possible to move shelves around and re-configure the layout for specific needs.
  • Utilize heavy duty plastic trays with adjustable dividers and label holders that perform like drawers when coupled with close and precise shelf spacing.
  • Designed for maximum parts storage in minimum space with open areas provided for large and bulky items.

Shelving and Bins Informational Video