Plumbing & AC Medic

Located in Gilbert, Arizona, Plumbing Medic is a locally owned and operated plumbing, rooter, heating and cooling company. They pride themselves on the high level of customer service, quality of products, and ethical standards they provide. When the company is invited to a customer’s home for the first time, they need to earn the customer’s trust by doing everything they can to ensure peace of mind, good communication, and more-than-satisfying customer service and quality workmanship.
In the early years, Colby Juliane, the company’s owner and founder, realized by controlling their inventory and standardizing their service truck layout, they could create the redundancy needed to help provide an excellent, consistent customer experience. 
“I had always heard that you had arrived in the industry when you purchased a Hackney truck body. I wanted to work with Hackney and maximize our truck bodies,” said Colby Juliane. “It is the truck body people aspire to own.”

Maximizing Inventory Capabilities
When Colby went to work with Hackney engineers to build the interior of their service truck bodies, he had specific shelving requirements to make sure their units could maintain inventories to streamline service to their customers. One of the most significant outcomes in their truck body design has been barcoding and categorizing bin positions. Inventory counts are now automatically connected to Plumbing Medic’s warehouse inventory and to their supply vendors.
Today, Plumbing & AC Medic has taken their inventory audit system to another level by building a mock body in their warehouse which allows them to complete a 30-minute audit. The team members focus their time on working with customers instead of counting inventory.

Product Durability and Longevity
Using the Hackney body has another added benefit – right to the bottom line.  Because of Hackney’s quality workmanship and durability, Plumbing AC & Medic uses their truck body for the life span of two truck chassis. Thus, their total cost of ownership is significantly reduced.

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